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Our History

At the suggestion of the Honorable John F. Montgomery, Mrs. Robert T. Lee, and Mrs. George Orvis, the Green Mountain Girls Association was formed, along the same lines as the Green Mountain Boys Association.


It was formally established in 1928 with 15 members. Membership has increased significantly throughout the years. There are currently about 160 members. 

The original purpose of the Green Mountain Girls was to further the interest in golf and bridge for women residents of Manchester and vicinity. Prior to its formation, women had few, if any, opportunities to play golf. Under the leadership of the first honorary president, Mrs. George Orvis, many golf tournaments were held for women at the Ekwanok and Equinox links.  As a result, the Manchester area became a popular destination for female golfers in the United States, but also those from Europe who were looking for more opportunities to

enjoy one of their favorite pastimes.  

While golf was the main interest when the Green Mountain Girls Association was formed, the association also hosted bridge tournaments, luncheons and teas at the Ekwanok Country Club, the Equinox Links Club, and the Pavilion at Equinox Pond.

Today, the Green Mountain Girls Association has branched out into the entire Manchester-Dorset and

mountain communities to raise money for local nonprofits.  ​

Mrs. Orvis was elected Honorary President; Mrs. Lee, President; and Mrs. Arthur Wooley, Secretary-Treasurer. 


Today, the association has a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, as well Chairpersons for Programs, Memberships, Golf, Wimbledon (Croquet and Tennis), Communications, and Bridge.


                                                                Honorary President

                                                                Mrs. George Orvis 


Former Presidents


1928-1938                          Mrs. Robert T. Lee.

1938-1941                          Mrs. Frances DuBois

1941-1943                          Mrs. Frank W. Chambers

1943-1946                          Mrs. Carlton B. Overton

1946-1947                          Mrs. Orland Campbell (Mrs. Stephen A. Wilson)

1947-1949                          Mrs. Frederick Towers (Mrs. Donald Galloway)

1949-1951                          Mrs. Henry C. Flower

1951-1954                          Mrs. Robert C. Palmer (Mrs. William Lanman)

1954-1955                          Mrs. Carlton B. Overton

1955-1957                          Mrs. James B. Campbell

1957-1961                          Mrs. Robert W. Higbie, Jr.

1961-1964                          Mrs. John Byler

1964-1966                          Mrs. Erwin Jennings

1966-1968                          Mrs. Ray Palmer Foote (Mrs. Robert M. Smith)

1968-1970                          Mrs. Joseph S. Bates

1970-1972                          Mrs. William L. Fort

1972-1974                          Mrs. Bruce Brodie

1974-1976                          Mrs. Augustus B. Wadsworth

1976-1978                          Mrs. Pendleton Marshal

1978-1980                          Mrs. Robert W. Hill

1980-1982                          Mrs. Klein Harding

1982-1984                          Mrs. Wilcox B. Adsit

1984-1986                          Mrs. Oliver Vietor (Mrs. Harold Munger)

1986-1988                          Mrs. Edwin Lefevre

1988-1900                          Mrs. Charles E. Childs, Jr.

1990-1992                          Dricka Kimball

1992-1994                          Mrs. James B. Wilbur III

1994-1996                          Mrs. Thomas Inslee

1996-1998                          Pat Lee

1998-2001                          Florence Plunkett

2001-2003                          Mrs. C.H. White, Jr.

2003-2005                          Mrs. A.V.S. Olcott, Jr.

2005-2007                          Tina Long

2007-2009                          Adele Martin

2009-2011                          Elena Atwill

2011-2013                          Marcia Holland

2013-2015                          Barbara O’Donnell

2015-2017                          Katharine Senn

2017-2019                          Connie Ferguson

2020-2022                          Martha Dale

2023-2024                          Pat Barnett

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