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 August Luncheon
and Speaker

August  2022

Our final event of 2022 was the August luncheon held at Ekwanok.  With 78 attending we had a full house! Everyone who attended had made a reservation which

                                         means our new system is working.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              


          Martha Dale, President, welcomed everyone, and  opened the luncheon by presenting the

Marian Bottome Putting Championship to

                   Pat Barnett. Pat has won this                                 championship many times.                     Congratulations Pat!

Martha Dale then introduced those new members who had joined since July

and also introduced our guests.  

Welcome New Members!!


Karol Digan

Laura McDermott

Mary Wight

Kathy Ross

Gisela Brett

Liz Ruffa

Leslie Brodie


We again had may guests:


Sharon Davidson – Gay Blaicher

Diana Stugger --  Gisela Brett

Judith McThail – Barbara Brittingham

Abbie Daley – Margie Kaat

Katie Wainright – Tina Long (her daughter)

Mary Fitzgerald – Diane Maher

Susan Williams – Linda O’Connell

Marybeth O’Donnell – Barbara O’Donnell (her daughter in law)

Rebecca Tarwater – Katharine Senn

During lunch Maqrgie Kaat, Raffle Chairman, and Martha Dale pulled the raffle tickets and announced the winners:


2 Starbucks GC

Anne Courso

Barb Powers


$25 Depot Burger

Claudia Kinder


Body Lab Pass

Peg Gregory


Rick Lucien GC

Peggy Boyle


1 Day Pass to Manchester Gym

Marianne Chaiken

Marie Garay

Joan Guryan

Katherine Boothby

Dricka Kimball


Cross Stitch

Kathy Dickerson


TJ Maxx GC

Cokie Perry

Annette Lewis

Marsha Poutiatine

Judy Robbins


$25 Staples

Gail Brodie


$20 Bagel Works

Fritzie Mills

Carol Munson

Shirley Thompson


Peony Rose Soap

Nancy Martin


Shrimp Tale Book

Allison Walsh


Judi Robbins Pie

Gloria Palmer


Dessert – As always, the Ekwanok served a delicious dessert. Waffle with maples syrup, walnut, maple walnut ice cream and whipped cream.  Yum!

last luncheon photo.png

l. to r. -- Cokie Perry, Patty Michl, Elena Atwill, Connie Ferguson, Kathleen Fisher

Margie Kaat introduced our speaker, Dr. Buzz Land, a pediatrician and professor of pediatrics at UVM Larner College of Medicine who's been in practice for 40 years. Over the last two decades, he's seen a significant decline in the number of kids coming in with serious physical ailments. During that same time period, however, he's seen a 20 percent increase in the number of children who require inpatient mental health services.

He spoke about forces driving the deterioration in children's mental health which are numerous, complex and intertwined with other social problems.

He no longer sees patients on a daily basis. Instead, he's made it his mission to ensure that the next generation of pediatricians, whether they're coming from UVM's Larner College of Medicine or other medical schools, get the mental health training they need.

wimbledon logo.png

Wimbledon at Ekwanok  

oThe Green Mountain Girls Wimbledon Day was held at the Ekwanok Country Club on August 10. Although the day started out overcast with a brief shower (as you can tell by the photo) this didn't stop a group of enthusiastic tennis players participating in a round robin.  




wimbledon screen shot.png
(L to R) Elsie Smith, Martha Dale, Kathy Dickinson, Meredith Stock, Gisela Brett, Diane Crisan, Nina Mooney.  Not shown (photographer) Liz Dolan.

After the tennis round robin, a beginner croquet clinic was held. The clinic was taught by Kim Beaty with assistant Celie Tamoney.  

Following the clinic, we had a very nice turnout with sixteen ladies participating

in the croquet round robin.  


Congratulations to Cathy Long who placed first with Kim Beauty and Mary Wight tying for second!

Our Wimbledon participants then relaxed and enjoyed a delicious lunch topped off by strawberries and cream making us feel like we were in England at the Championships!
bridge tournament.png
Mary Lynch bridge.png
bridge winners.png

 Thirty people participated in our Bridge Tournament held on August 1st at the Equinox Village dining room.

Andy Avery was the director.

Congratulations to the winners!

Scores were:  58% for Nancy and Mary and

65% for Ann and Cynnie.

Left to right: Ann and Cynnie
Left to right: Mary and Nancy

July Luncheon
and Speaker

July 20, 2022

colorful shrimp.png
Martha and Elsie.png
(Left) Elsie Smith & Martha Dale

Martha Dale, President, welcomed over 64 attending the luncheon - including members and their guests.

Then Elsie Smith, Membership Chair, announced our many new members since June!

Most new members attended our luncheon.

New Members!

Dianne Crisan

Liz Dolan

Gail Dacey

Barbara Andrea

Kyle Wilcox

Becky Burke

Margot Orr

Christina Ruggeri

Carol Munson

Joan Hayssen

Sherry Firestone



Dr. Leslie Brodie – Gail Brodie

Laura McDermott – Pam Barefoot

Pat Fowler – Pat Barnett

Leslie Bacon – Dricka Kimball

Mary Wight – Cathy Long

Karol Digan – Joan McGinty

Cindy Ryan – Linda O’Connell

Kathy Ross – Wendy Serrell

Gisela Brett – Elsie Smith

Liz Ruffa --          “       “

Members and Guests Were Treated to Another Delicious Lunch Prepared by Ekwanok's Chef Thad

gmg luncheon .jpg

L to R: Katherine Dickerson, Betty Hutchins, Mary Lynch, Wendy Baurmeister, Paula Davidson, Mary Squire

table of seven.jpg
L to R: Sherry Firestone, Cathy Ross (guest of Wendy Serrell), Wendy Serrell, Barbara Brittingham, Penny Peterson, Linda O’Connell and her guest, Cindy Ryan.
ekwanok lunch meal.png
Pat and speaker_edited.jpg

Broccoli Quiche

L to R: Alison Walsh, Audrey Went, Annette Lewis
L to R: Pat Barnett, Beverly Jennings (speaker) and Pat Fowler

L to R: Sandy Downes, Margaret Hamilton, Cokie Perry, Chris Ruggeri, Susan Howard

Our Golf Chair, Dricka Kimball, pulled the Raffle Tickets and announced the winners

A Bath and Bedding Basket from Stephenie Frawley. (Stephenie is spelled correctly)

Nancy Martin


The Manchester Gym One Day Pass

Marianne Chaikin, Barbara Powers, Pam Barefoot


Jim Kaat’s “Good as Gold” Book

Connie Stewart, Kathy Dickerson, Dricka Kimball


A Needlepoint Set

Barbara Ardell, Christie Salomon, Cee Cee Wilber


A $25 Gift Certificate from Al Ducci

Margot Orr


Amanda Birch Restorative Oil & Phyto Retinol Serums

Catherine Boothby


A $25 Gift Certificate from RK Miles

Annette Lewis, Linda Oskam, Patti Michl


A Gift Basket from East of Equinox

Linda O’Connell



Leslie Keefe announced that she is again donating a dinner for 10, prepared by her and brought to your home. The Green Mountain Girls are selling tickets.

This is a fabulous entertaining opportunity.  Leslie is a renown Italian cook, always generous with her time and talents.  For a mere $50 per ticket you can entertain 10 friends for dinner.  Priceless!

More information to follow.

dinner raffle donor.jpeg

Our Guest Speaker

Pat and speaker.png

Pat Barnett, our Vice President (left)  introduced the speaker, Beverly Jennings.(right). Beverly has written a book “Shrimp Tales:  Small Bites of History".  She spoke about how and why she wrote this book which portrays the history of the people, places, and boats of the commercial shrimping industry in the southern United States. It is a story of a community and culture.

guest speaker.jpeg

Then she introduced all the guests and what a number of them :

Golf club and ball


June 29, 2022

One Best Ball of Two



9 Hole Low Gross

Dricka Kimball

& Ann Jackson (not pictured)



9 Hole Low Net

New Member Barbara Andrea

& Marie Garay (not pictured)



18 Hole Low Net

Anne Brett & Cynnie Rogers

18 Hole Low Gross
Audrey Went & Meredith Stock

June Luncheon
and Speaker

June 22, 2022


June Luncheon
and Speaker

June 22, 2022



The Green Mountain Girls held their opening luncheon at The Ekwanok Country Club on Wednesday, June 22.  There was a full house with almost 90 members and guests in attendance! The massive turnout, smiling faces and lively conversations, seamless logistics, wonderful raffle prizes and, of course, the intro to Angel Investing, made for a smashing event. 


We did have some problems with our new reservation process and some members showed up with no reservations.  The Ekwanok dining room was bursting at the seams already but the amazing staff found a place for each to sit.  So, we ask each member when making their reservation through our new reservation system to be sure to finish the process by double clicking on SUBMIT.  Your reservation will not go through unless you do.  The program sends out a confirmation.   If you don't immediately receive this or have any trouble trying to register, please call Karen at Ekwanok – 

 802 362-2220  Ext. 103 or email her at Karen@ekwanok to register directly

with her.


President, Martha Dale welcomed everyone and thanked her board and Ekwanok for all their work to make this meeting possible.  She announced that we are now an official 501(c)3 organization.  Now any donations made to Green Mountain Girls are tax deductible.  She also asked us to vote on Officers and our new bylaws.  All were passed.  

                                     WELCOME NEW MEMBERS!!
                                         Elsie Smith, Membership Chair,
                                     introduced new members since last fall.  

                                        Linda O'Connell, Wells

                                    Christina Nichols, Manchester

                                      Rache Simmons, Dorset

                                      Barbara Wells, Londonderry

                                          Sandy Downes, Dorset

She then introduced guests of members:

                                                             Chris Ruggiero                 Pat Barnett

                                                         Becky Burke                     “           “

                                                         Bebe Bullock                   Christine Miles

                                                         Kyle Wilcox                     Anne Brett

                                                         Taimi Passaro                 Barbara Brittingham

                                                         Barbara Andrea              Linda Oskam

                                                         Elizabeth Dolan              Mary Ann Charlston 

                                                         Martha Cowles                Berthe Cowles

                                                         Jennifer Kimball             Dricka Kimball

                                                         Sally Woodruff                Tina Long

                                                         Margaret Orr                   Joan McGinty

                                                         Kay Dunn                        Wendy Serrell

                                                         Sherry Firestone               “           “

                                                         Joan Hayssen                  Meredith Stock


          During lunch Margie Kaat, the Raffle Chairman, pulled winners.

Thank you very much to those individuals and businesses who donated

such great prizes!

Susan Howard ‘s $100 Gift Certificate to Elysium in Pawlet

Joan McGinty, Patty Michl, Anne Corso


Jim Kaat’s “Good as Gold” Hall of Fame package

Barbara Brittingham, Marianne Chaikin, Cathy Long, Fran Mellet,  Craigin Slasgiver


Six Gently Used Puzzles

Nancy Kimball, Christie Saloman, Peggy Boyle


Lindsay Martin’s Small Batch Bags of Granola Cookies

Kathy Faber, Meredith Stock, Connie Phypers, Mary Lynch, Gail Brodie, Kathy Dickenson

Orvis $100 Gift Certificate

Linda O’Connell, Laura Remsen, Margaret Hamilton


Indigo & Green’s Earings & Necklace

Shirley Thompson


The Manchester Gym One Day Pass

Audrey Went

After lunch, Martha introduced our Guest Speaker,

Allison Kimball

Allison did a wonderful job giving

us the basics of  “Angel Investing”.  

She shared what excites her now -

advising startups and investors

and how she sees the angel industry evolving.